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G-PACK program by Andpak® offers you a range of customized eco-design packaging solutions to help you manage your chemicals life span while minimizing your carbon footprint.

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Eco-design, tailor made pack format, for all kind of chemicals

In collaboration with our partners and Innovation center, we can develop eco-design innovative packaging with optimal performance for your chemicals products.

Eco Design

Eco Design

Minimize waste

Minimize waste

Optimized cost

Optimized Cost

Optimized production

Optimized production

Ensured sustainability

Ensured sustainability

We have innovated a range of environmental packaging solutions designed to reduce environmental impact, preserve and protect chemical products, and make them easier to use. We have used reduced volume, recycled materials, novel function and new logistics solutions to reduce the impact of packaging.

Now we are inviting potential customers and industrial partners to work with us to develop solutions for their applications considering the whole life environmental impact including the product use.

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Our customers have chosen G-PACK solutions for...

Green containers

In a world of finite resources, we are now offering recycled materials in our custom packaging solutions.

For a major manufacturer in the aerospace industry, we will now provide 100% PET recycled bottles for the 10 000 units it uses each year, representing a volume of more than 500kg.

Custom packaging + Recycled PET = Minimize waste

Green containers


Focus on Burststeal-Pak®, the most innovative two- or three-component packages :

  • Easy to use, light flexible pack, less waste volume
  • Ideal when exact amounts of reactive compounds need to remain separated until intentional mixing

For some major aerospace companies we have significantly reduced their volume of waste by changing conventional packs to Burstseal-Pak®.

  • 1 only container for 3 components
  • 25,5 tonnes of waste / year
  • Reduce storage space by 80%

Innovative custom packaging + Lighter weight or Less volume pack
= Minimize waste

Collect & Refill

In a world of finite resources, we must focus on finding ways to reuse. We move away from linear processes by offering our customers refilling solutions for their solvents products.

  • Delivery of solvents with PET recycled bottles
  • Shelf-life management
  • Collect and refilling
  • Replenishment

‍Innovative services + Custom packaging + Refilling solutions
= Minimize waste

Collect and refill
Spray ready to use

Flexible Spray Pouch

For trigger spray packs we can change the rigid container for a flexible pouch. This has a significantly lower volume of waste and occupies much less space when empty.

Our “fill line” option means that concentrates can be diluted with water just before use, which creates a smaller pack and reduces the amount of water transported.

Talk to us about your product and how we can help to improve its environmental footprint. For Zipchem we have reduced the weight of their Calla 1452 disinfectant by 9Kg per case and 10x more product can be packed per pallet.

‍With 3 sprays per case, plastic reduction is approx. 75%.

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